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Designer Bio

Dryden Sereda



Growing up in a small Canadian prairie city, Sereda learned the influence of art as a communication interface, looking to the abstraction of graphics as a prime way of storytelling.  Using mediums ranging from spray paint, blow torches, and hardware, he has long explored the tear down before the build up. Hard lines, jagged edges, and razor sharp interpretation are called on to create bespoke art that satiates the curiosity within.  


As a top of class design school graduate of the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada; Sereda articulates shape through architectural disciplines, crafting unexpected textiles into silhouettes that are at once unconventional yet understood.  As an industry collaborator, he develops brand strategies from concept to completion with digital processes.  Deriving concept packages through technical product development, material management, and visual storytelling by means of videography, photography and choreographed runway productions; Sereda executes ideas and production at an executive level.  


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