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Yakushima Trail

A hiker-core collection designed to incorporate outerwear function with silhouettes seen in traditional Japanese garments. Colour palette chosen to reflect natural earth tones while fabrics provide protection for any conditions one may encounter on the trail.

Orbis Vee

Short for the latin words Orbis Viatorem, meaning world traveller. This concept brand aims to provide a fashion forward approach to contemporary travel wear. Fulfilling the vision statement of the "Functional Bohemian Traveller"; functional elements are pulled from tech wear, military and utility design. Eclectic aesthetic inspiration is derived from warm Mediterranean and desert bound climates  providing the globe trotter effect for this debut collection called "vagabond".

Aviation Modern Nuance

A women's wear collection designed to reflect the pop-culture angst surrounding the inability to travel and fly due to global affairs. Basic silhouettes are derived from a variety of aviation sectors, reimagined for a modern fashion forward individual.  Fabric selection chosen to provide sustainability through natural and recycled fibres, while subtle reference to international affairs show support by means of pattern and text selection.