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About The Studio


Studio Sereda specializes in fashion and couture garments, providing original designs and custom garments for the high profile individual. Not being limited to occasion, the studio offers both upscale fashion under 'SEREDA' and modern street centric articles under 'MNGLD supply'. Both branches having roots in representational and non-representational art.


SEREDA - Looking into the more contemporary side of fashion with an emphasis on abstract art and sculpture, brought together with virtuoso cuts and textiles. Tailoring and innovative patterning occupy the core of the project, aiming to develop everyday handcrafted art for the high profile individual.  


MNGLD supply - The project strives to bring out the aesthetic side of everyday destruction, showing the art and beauty in the things that may not be seen as such. Practical cuts are consistent with street based cultural reference with shaping and proportions built for movement and comfort. This is a grass roots fashion project, made by artists for artists.  


The Background


Dryden Sereda

Creative Director

As an award winning designer. Dryden graduated top of his class with an achievement of excellence from the Visual College of Art and Design. His expertise in tailoring and design concepts had earned him the 2022 Nancy Mak award and a debut showcase for SEREDA at Vancouver and Paris Fashion weeks. Now solidifying his understanding the importance of sharing his art with others, he is using his experiences as a professional Pattern Maker and Product Developer as a catalyst towards the creation of quality items, used to satiate the need for craftsmanship in every day life. 

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